Top quality yoga without the soul crushing monthly subscription.

Beautiful yoga no subscriptions.

No subscriptions.
Ever. Period.

Who wants to pay another monthly bill? Well, not us!

Just yoga.
Not dreamy, nor robotic.

No need for dreamy instructions. Relaxed mind and good mood are natural side effects of doing yoga.

Fits your schedule.

Classes are between 5-30 minutes, there is something that will fit your schedule.

Yoga Nexus model posing runners lunge with side twists Yoga Nexus model posing locust pose
Yoga Nexus app screen shots for energize and flexibility sections
Can I do it?

Yes! Difficulty level is suitable for everyone, and there are different sections to choose classes from. Couple of sessions are all you need to get in to the flow.

Yes, yes... but how much does it cost?

Here is the deal. Yoga Nexus comes with 20 classes (almost 5 hours of HD video) that covers all your yoga needs for less than 5.00 USD.

Yoga Nexus model posing gate pose in side stretch
So, what do I exactly get?

Exactly 20 classes in 4 different sections. 4 fitness focused classes, 4 flexibility and balance focused classes, 7 restorative classes, 5 salutation classes. If you love it, and request more, we'll add more in the future.

Yoga Nexus app screen shots for restorative and salutation sections

Get fit, flexible and renew this year!

Yoga Nexus model posing side squat stretch